The Misanthropic Maiden

The Misanthropic Maiden

The Misanthropic Maiden

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She loved everything and everybody she saw; and thought....

“Wow, this is such a wonderful world. How lucky I am to be in it.”

She loved the birds, the cats, the dogs; and all the little animals... sometimes she didn’t even see them, they were so little and teeny tiny; but she knew she loved them even so.

The older she got, the crueller the world became; the more love she gave out, the more unkindness she got in return. This made the little girl feel very sad; but the animals were always there... she loved them, and they loved her back; and that made her smile, and feel that little bit special.

Sadly, she learned that the more kindness and love she gave out, the more she was ridiculed and abused. This made her sadder still.

Luckily, one day, she found someone who loved her. He was a very special man; and within that love and gentle kindness, she realised that the rest of the world really didn’t matter; as long as she had him - and all her beloved animals – she would be okay.

So one day, she shut the door; stayed in... and never, ever went out again. And she lived happily ever after... afterly, happily, and everly.

So the moral of this story, gentle reader; if you’re not kind, she’ll leave you behind.

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