Our "standard" sizes are as a guide only; all our items are made to order to your measurements! Depending on the design, we will need the following:

-Measurement around widest part of bust (not cup size)

-Measurement around Underbust



-Measurement around widest part of upper arm (bicep)

-Measurement around wrist

-Height (top of head to floor, including heels if worn)

Also, if you have any special measurements, just let us know :)

Once you've placed your order, we'll email you with an Order Confirmation asking for any necessary measurements- so please, please check your inbox/spam filter! :D Then we can get started on your spookies! :)

Yes! Thanks to recent changes by the Royal Mail, we can now offer cheaper international shipping for larger orders. Yay!!! Just email us, letting us know what you want, and we can give you an updated shipping cost that'll likely be far cheaper than that shown in the shopping cart :)

No, Never! You may have heard about other shops that aren't, but we're not them! :D We'll always make sure our customers in Europe have access to Moonmaidenland, cos we love you! :)

Yes! There's several ways you can pay via card; you can use the Sagepay link on our secure checkout, or (in most cases) you can also use your card to pay via Paypal - see below for more details.

Yes, in most circumstances - unless we've already started work on your order, or if we've had to specially order in fabric for it. If you've paid via Sagepay, you can cancel and we will refund the full amount. If via Paypal, you can still cancel, but unfortunately we will have to deduct an administration fee from the refund (2.9%) as we will be charged by Paypal for this.

Obviously, sometimes we do make mistakes. We're only human! If there is a problem with your garment(s), we ask in ALL CASES that you contact us WITHIN SEVEN DAYS of receipt of your order.

We only accept returns by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT!!!

If a garment is faulty, in respect of either material or workmanship, we will refund, repair or replace as required - we will refund your postage costs for returning the garment back to us.

If your order does not fit you, then return the garment to us in UNWORN condition and we will either issue a replacement or a Credit Note. We do ask though (see above!) that you let us know your measurements first if possible, so that we can avoid this happening in the first place!

Please note that garments made to your specific measurements or height are exempt from the Distance Selling Regulations and cannot be returned unless there are faults in fabric or machining.

If you simply don't like what you've ordered, we can only issue a Credit Note. It's not our policy to issue refunds in such instances, as we do put a lot of effort into making sure what you see on the site is a fair representation of what you'll get.

NO, NO and thrice NO. Your clothes will be made for YOU and you alone; to your measurements and height; with love and spoooky magick. So, for a fourth time, NO.

Yes – we post worldwide, and do so all the time!. Please bear in mind that there will be increased shipping costs for overseas deliveries - just add an item to your cart and proceed to the checkout to see what the costs will be; or email us and ask if you'd prefer :)

We'd like to know too... sadly this is beyond our control, and is due to US governmental policy regarding imports.


Yes! If you want to pay by installements for any item, just let us know - you can pay by installments for any item, using either a specific paypal invoice for this service, or by cheque.

We aim to dispatch your order within Fourteen Days of receipt of payment. Occasionally there may be slight hold-ups, such as delays in obtaining fabric - in which case we'll do our best to keep your updated.

If we anticipate that your order will take substantially longer than Fourteen Days to complete, we will let you know BEFORE YOU PAY.

Also please note that each garment is individually handmade which does take time. We will be as quick as we can with your order; but we want to make sure that each garment will be as good as we can make it!

From time to time our fabric shades may differ very slightly from those on the website; this will usually only happen if our fabric suppliers are unable to deliver our usual shades in time to complete your order.

Contact us within Seven Days of receipt of the clothing, and we’ll see if we can sort you out with the right size. Please refer to our Returns Policy. Of course, if you'd have let us known your measurements in the first place, this wouldn't have happened... :( !

Yes, the velvet, cotton lycra, net and lace all stretch “one-way”. The taffeta does NOT stretch; the PVC has a little teensy bit of stretch.

We'll make to your height. Just let us know, and it shall be done! As a guide, the model is 5’7” and is wearing BIG boots; but just tell us your height, (and how big YOUR boots are :D ) and we'll make to whatever length you want.

No. You've seen a cheap rip-off, using our photos, on a website based somewhere in criminal-internet-land. If you buy from there: good luck, you're on your own. If you want Moonmaiden quality, if you want to actually receive what you order, if you don't want a depressing hole in your bank account, you'll only find it here.... or on a limited range in our Etsy Spooktique. That's the only places we sell.

Because. We don't make Tractors either; funny old world isn't it?

Moonmaiden - can I be your model

No, sorry. Much as we'd like to (to some degree) it would be a bit impractical. We've had around Five or Six major updates to our range this year alone; whilst we can keep a website update, catalogues are not so flexible. They would probably be out of date within a month. Also, pixels are a lot more environmentally friendly than paper - even if it's recycled! Then there's the cost of producing them; while a lot of companies charge for their catalogues, there is still a large initial outlay for the first print run - and we'd rather plough the money into buying new types of fabric to play with!

We do have a telephone; we just don't like the blimmin thing. There are a number of reasons why we don't make our number public:

1) We do prefer all communication to be done via email. That way, we have a written record of your requirements that we can easily refer to, rather than having to find some hastily written note... our handwriting is illegible at the best of times, anyway!

2) We tend to be busy most of the day making gothy wiccany faeryesque wonderment; and don't like being interrupted! Since everything you see here is made to order, we're very busy. If the phone rings, one of us has to stop work to answer it. Then we've forgotten what we were doing before.... oh, calamity.... so we do all correspondence first thing in the morning, and in the evening.

3) And in additional to that, the phone often DOES ring whilst we're working. We've lost count of the number of mobile phones we've won, the number of loans we've turned down, and the number of random calls from mute computers with nothing better to do than dial our number. It seems that our humble ten digit number is one of the hottest around for all manner of call centres. This is, to be blunt, bloody annoying. So much so that we've now taken to winding sales people up; we're shortly going to move on to invoicing them for our time wasted.

Therefore, if you do have our number, use it wisely! :o)

4) We also get an inordinate amount of wrong number calls; probably because somebody hasn't quite figured out that the keyboard on a iPhone is smaller than a proper one (and doesn't make a proper, natural clicketty sound when you're actually typing on it) - so the chances are we'll be engaged anyway.

Look, by the time you've read all of this, you could have typed an email....

But. if you really do need to speak to us, ask us nicely and chances are we'll let you have the number (though not if you're a call centre!)

FAQ Telephone

Yes! 1850's, 1750's, 550's and so on... but NOT 1950's. Twern't spooky enough!

If you can’t find the answer to the question you have, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.