Spooky 666 Sale

Updated 31st March 2023

Here's an assortment of photographic samples, prototypes, surplus stock, publicity samples...including some sneaky designs that've never seen the light of day before - and it's first come, first served for each of these sale items!

All garments are sold "as is" - though we can make them shorter, if necessary (and possible). Unless specified, all items are for a height of around 5'6" to 5'8" and a size 8-10. Ignore the "made to order" info on each item's page; unless you need them shortened, they're ready to go NOW! :D

Our sale page is also stuffed to the belfry with loads of spookies from Nemesis Now, Restyle, Alchemy, gorgeous sterling silver jewellery, Pendle Witches, and much more!

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